US Aramcon Rental

This is from 2013 corporate discount directory.  Apparently, no liability coverage with Hertz unless you are on business travel.  Therefore, use National whenever possible on repat.

Also note the extra one-day surcharge for Hertz vs. National.

UPDATE: American Express Travel insurance DOES NOT give you LIABILITY at $25.00 per rental period.  Their advertising is misleading. They do NOT offer liability. I clarified it on the phone and now this fact appears on their web site. ( Here ).  Basically, all you get is extra LDW – Not worth it.

Rates for National include liability for Aramco employees for leisure AND business. Liability coverage is up to $100,000.
If you own a car in the USA and have liability insurance, you can decline the insurance from the rental company. However, your personal liability is more than likely 25K or 50K, therefore, it’s probably better to go with the National agency if the difference in price is not significant.

I am also an Emerald club Executive member – This allows me to upgrade two levels from the standard car rate and/or select anything from the Aisles without a reservation.

Hertz gives liability to 500,000 USD however their rates are much higher than National car for car.

Finally, you can get the same rates from Alamo since they are the same company apparently but I would go with National as the first choice.

I tried three methods for the same rental period in Dallas.

Note: NO LIABILITY COVERAGE in dollar amount.

CORP ID Insurance Cost
ARAMCO  corp ID of   5004761  Changing the country has NO   Effect.   LWD Full 511
National Intl corp ID of   5005946 This is from changing the   country only.  LWD FullPlus others 735
Using Hertz( 65971)  and   National (5004761) at   LWD Full 511

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