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Just some travel computing information from this (unblocked) web site. However, the links should be useful to you for downloading from home:

The list of tools lets you work on PCs that you don’t have admin privilege to work on like those in hotel lobbies, or business centers especially when traveling. 😉

You CANNOT do this on your work PC. The PC won’t let you run execute-able files from USB sticks … why would you want to do anything useful with your work PC except read the news or email anyway?

There is even a document how to convert non-portable apps to portable apps:

Hope this helps

KDE remote desktop

To send an invitation, use krfb at the prompt. Create an invitation and save the node name and password.

Type in kdrc at a shell prompt to connect to the invitation.
Use vnc:/nodename:0
You will be asked to authenticate which the originator must do.
Then you will have to type in the password (which the originator noted down from krfb)