Self-stabilizing Spoon for People with Parkinson’s

I have to share this with you all … this is simply ingenious!!!! What a nice application of technology.

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The creator [Anupam Pathak] is close to people who suffer from tremors, and seeing the problem up close and personal, he set out to create a solution. He started the company called Liftware, and has so far released the Lift spoon. It features an embedded microchip, sensors and a few small motors. It’s capable of stabilizing tremors of up to 2 inches, which in several medical studies resulted in approximately a 70% tremor cancellation rate!

If you haven’t seen the effects of Parkinson’s on anyone, watch the video after the break. You’ll have your heart strings pulled a bit seeing how difficult eating can be, but then amazed at the ingenuity and effectiveness of the Lift Spoon. We can only imagine the paradigm shift this will be for people suffering from tremors.

The technology to help these people is here — could it be possible to go even further and build a low-profile arm or hand steadying exoskeleton that could be hidden under a shirt sleeve?

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Tales from Pakistan

These are some of the unbelievable stories I have heard from Pakistan:

A chicken is weighed and slaughtered in front of you. You get home it’s less than 1/2 it’s weight. It is impossible for beak, claws and internal organs to weigh that much. The butcher force feeds the chicken metal pellets that weigh it down. You look at the chicken in its tortured state. After slaughter, these pellets are removed and reused from the guts when you leave.

Goats are forced by a pump to swallow water just before weighing and slaughter. Even after slaughter, the butcher pumps water into the arteries to “clean” them out. The water is left in the goat when its frozen thus   showing a bloated goat.  After slaughter, the meat will shrink to its right size.

Trucks are weighed with wheat before and after unloading to get the weight of goods. The catch is that there are hidden water tanks in the chassis. These are emptied when the truck comes around for the “empty” weighing. This fraud is in addition to the dust and garbage passed off as wheat in the bags themselves.

More later.

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